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18 Best Tech Conferences in Europe in 2024

Seeking opportunities for self-improvement and career advancement can be a daunting and time-intensive task. It necessitates the exploration of myriad resources to identify those that align with your personal and professional development goals. To simplify this endeavor, we have curated a list of tech conferences that promise to deliver insightful knowledge, networking prospects, and skill enhancement workshops catering to a variety of interests and sectors. These events are ideal for individuals passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, or self-improvement, offering a conducive environment for learning and skill advancement in an organized and effective way.

Following insights gathered from the engineers at SoftwareMill, we present a handpicked guide to the top must-visit tech conferences across Europe for the current year.

  1. Mobile World Congress (26-29 February, Barcelona, Spain): This annual gathering serves as a cornerstone for the global connectivity landscape, drawing in leaders, innovators, and policy makers from the mobile technology sector. It provides a premier platform for networking, business development, and thought leadership within the mobile tech community.

    mobile world congress
  2. VOXXED DAYS (Various dates and locations across Europe): Anchored by local communities, VOXXED DAYS maintains a unique local flavor while being part of a larger collective of tech events. It stands out for its commitment to openness, community participation, exceptional content, and accessible pricing, covering a wide array of tech topics.

    voxxed days conference
  3. Kafka Summit London (19-20 March, London, UK): Connect with a global community of developers, architects, and tech professionals to learn about the latest in data streaming technologies. This event is a deep dive into the future of data management and offers unparalleled networking opportunities.

    kafka summit london
  4. SCALAR (21-22 March, Warsaw, Poland): As the largest event in Central Europe focused on the Scala language, Scalar celebrates its 20th anniversary by offering an exceptional opportunity for learning and networking with Scala enthusiasts and experts.

    scalar conference
  5. QCon Software Development Conference (8-10 April, London, UK): Tailored for senior software developers and technical leaders, QCon London explores emerging trends and technologies in the software development realm, offering insights into the practices of pioneering companies.

    qcon software development conferences
  6. International JavaScript Conference (8-11 April, London, UK & Online): This conference brings together global experts to discuss the latest trends and future directions in JavaScript and web development, with a rich program of workshops and sessions.

    International JavaScript Conference
  7. Devoxx (Various dates and locations across Europe): A community-driven event that offers a platform for developers to enhance their skills, network, and get inspired across a range of tech-related topics.

  8. AWS Summit Berlin (15-16 May, Berlin, Germany): This free event showcases how cloud technology is propelling business innovation, featuring sessions and workshops led by AWS experts.

    AWS Summit Berlin Germany
  9. VIVA Technology (22-25 May, Paris, France): Known as the global hub for startups and technology leaders, this event celebrates innovation with an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitors.

    VIVA Technology Conference
  10. DEVDAYS EUROPE 2024 (20-21 May, Vilnius, Lithuania & Online): A premier conference that attracts international speakers and developers to discuss the latest in software development, focusing on innovation and best practices.

    DEVDAYS EUROPE conference
  11. Lambda Days (27-28 May, Cracow, Poland): This conference serves as a convergence point for the functional programming community, offering a blend of academic theory and industry practice.

    Lambda Days
  12. Dublin Tech Summit (29-30 May, Dublin, Ireland): A key event for tech enthusiasts, featuring over 200 international visionaries and influencers discussing the latest technological innovations.

    Dublin Tech Summit
  13. London Tech Week (10-14 June, London, UK): A global gathering of tech innovators and entrepreneurs, focused on using technology to address major challenges, with a new enhanced location this year.

    London Tech Week
  14. TNW The Next Web Conference (20-21 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands): A unique blend of technology discussion and festival vibes, focusing on connecting technology with social issues of today and the future.

    TNW The Next Web Conference
  15. European Woman in Technology (26-27 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands): This conference is a central networking hub for the Women in Tech community in Europe, focusing on the synergy between tech and human skills.

    European Woman in Technology
  16. AI & Big Data Expo (1-2 October, Amsterdam, Netherlands): A forum for industry leaders to discuss the latest advancements in AI and Big Data, showcasing new technologies and methodologies.

    AI & Big Data Expo
  17. Web Summit (11-14 November, Lisbon, Portugal): Renowned as one of Europe’s most prestigious tech events, Web Summit is a must-attend for anyone in the tech industry, offering unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.

    Web Summit
  18. ADC Audio Developer Conference (11-13 November, Bristol, UK & Online): A hybrid event focusing on audio development, offering accessible keynotes, panels, and workshops for a global audience.

    ADC Audio Developer Conference